Our first recording, made live off the floor at the Duke of Erb Studio in Waterloo, Ontario.  Pick one up at one  of  our shows or contact us by e-mail.

Some samples and notes:

Joe Bane's Barn Dance.m4a Joe Bane's Barn Dance.m4a
Size : 0 Kb
Type : m4a
The Weaver.m4a The Weaver.m4a
Size : 4899.286 Kb
Type : m4a
Running the Goat.m4a Running the Goat.m4a
Size : 4763.779 Kb
Type : m4a
Rattle on the Stovepipe.m4a Rattle on the Stovepipe.m4a
Size : 4392.778 Kb
Type : m4a
Royal Oak Notes.pdf Royal Oak Notes.pdf
Size : 1560.225 Kb
Type : pdf

Now available!  Recorded in 2018 and 2019  at the Badger Workhouse Studio in Stroud, UK with our wonderful fiddling friend Fran Wade. 


A sneak preview and more info:

Wild Roving.m4a Wild Roving.m4a
Size : 4707.471 Kb
Type : m4a
Enrico.m4a Enrico.m4a
Size : 2380.167 Kb
Type : m4a
Maurice Kelly.m4a Maurice Kelly.m4a
Size : 2463.17 Kb
Type : m4a
She's Like the Swallow.m4a She's Like the Swallow.m4a
Size : 4635.617 Kb
Type : m4a
Red River Valley.m4a Red River Valley.m4a
Size : 4416.692 Kb
Type : m4a
Over the Pond Notes.pdf Over the Pond Notes.pdf
Size : 81.706 Kb
Type : pdf