photo courtesy of Phil Cowles

 “The two members of Hunter’s Corners draw their inspiration from the deepest roots of folk music.  Bill Nesbitt…cleaves to the old tunes of Newfoundland while Brad McEwen specializes in Canadian variants of ballads from the British Isles and songs from Canada’s history.  Their performances are authentic, pleasing and traditional with a capital T.”

 Mariposa Folk  Festival Program, 2016



Hunter’s Corners was the 19th century name for the intersection of what is now Highways 8 and 24 in the geographic centre of Cambridge, Ontario. It was so-called because there was an inn at the cross-roads, The Royal Oak, owned by a man named Hunter.

The duo of Bill Nesbitt (concertinas, harmonicas, vocals & jaw harp), and Brad McEwen (citterns & vocals) chose this name because the cross-roads is close to where they met, and represents  the continuing intersection of their musical ideas and experiences.

Bill loves traditional music of all kinds, and plays for Contra, Morris and Ceili dances throughout southern Ontario. He has a particular interest in songs and tunes from Newfoundland.

Brad has been immersed in traditional folk music for over four decades as a keen student and performer and as the founding and only Artistic Director of Cambridge's Mill Race Festival of Traditional Folk Music for its entire 26 year run.

Bill lives in Hamilton, Ontario but spends his summers in Newfoundland. Brad divides his time between Cambridge, Ontario and  Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK.